10 best photo exhibitions, from Washington City Paper

by Lou Jacobson, photography critic, for Washington City Paper


4. “One View—Ten Years” at Adamson Gallery

Neither the idea of photographing the horizon line between sea and sky, nor the idea of returning periodically to the same location to capture how it looks under different atmospheric conditions, is especially original. Yet Renate Aller succeeded in producing some visually stunning sea-and-skyscapes from her visits to the same point on the southern Long Island shore over the course of a decade. Aller’s colors ranged from pastel to murky, her textures from puffy to muddy. Sometimes her images evoked the clouds of Georgia O’Keeffe, the abstract zips of Barnett Newman, and the hill ridges of a Western landscape. One way or another, she always seemed to elicit something new from the same old elements.

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