Renate Aller at Adamson Gallery

By Louis Jacobson March 2012

Reviewed: Renate Aller at Adamson Gallery

Renate Aller’s previous show at Adamson Gallery—a decade’s worth of sea-and-sky photographs taken from the same point on southern Long Island—was rousing success, offering hyper-real portrayals within ever-changing atmospheric conditions….Aller’s new exhibit,…titled “dicotyledon,” after a flowering plant that grows in pairs,… Aller’s new work places two contrasting images side by side, typically one larger-scale landscape and one more targeted depiction, such as an animal. Aller asks viewers to “make the connections of multiple experiences,”… “Plate #5” features an elephant-gray tableau of gnarled roots and rocky outcroppings, with a wisp of green so enigmatic it’s hard to tell whether it’s natural or a stray bit of trash. Aller’s finest piece in the exhibit is a six-part, almost cubist photographic matrix depicting tree branches and sky, shown in bright sun and limned in lovely shades of beige and ice blue….The exhibition is on view 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m Tuesday to Friday and noon to 5 p.m. Saturday to May 31 at Adamson Gallery, 1515 14th St.

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