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Newsday: Parrish Art Museum review

‘Parrish Perspectives: New Works in Context’ on exhibit in Water Mill March 23, 2017 by Steve Parks   In case you were wondering what the Parrish Art Museum has been up to behind the scenes since the celebrated opening of its new space in 2012, check out “Parrish Perspectives: New Works in Context.” While most of the Parrish’s skylight-filled galleries […]

Hamburger Abendblatt on Renate Aller at Kulturstiftung Hamburg

17.11.16 HAMBURG Benefiz-Auktion der Kulturstiftung Werke im Schätzwert von 300.000 Euro für die junge Kunst- und Kulturszene Hamburg. Selten treffen junge, manchmal ungestüme, manchmal auch unfertige Kunst und das ganz große Geld dieser Stadt so ungebremst aufei­nander wie in den Benefizveranstaltungen der Hamburgischen Kulturstiftung, stets mit Nachdruck und Leidenschaft vertreten durch die Geschäftsführerin Gesa Engelschall. Das […]

Mark Jenkins for The Washington Post, March 11, 2016

ELEMENTAL PERSPECTIVES: Land, Sea + Sky A D A M S O N   G A L L E R Y RENATE ALLER / CAROLYN MARKS BLACKWOOD / ROBERT LONGO / MARTIN USBORNE Currently on view through March 26, 2016 by Mark Jenkins for The Washington Post, March 11, 2016 There are no people in […]

At Adamson Gallery, a Blurring of Lines in ‘Elemental Perspectives’

WASHINGTON CITYPAPER ARTSDESK by Louis Jacobson on February 3, 2016   At Adamson Gallery, a Blurring of Lines in ‘Elemental Perspectives’ The current exhibition at the Adamson Gallery is titled, “Elemental Perspectives: Land, Sea + Sky.” But it might as well be titled, “Which One’s a Photograph and Which One Isn’t?” Such artists as Renate […]

“Renate Aller: The Space Between Memory and Expectation, Ocean | Desert”

Houston Press: January 2016 “Renate Aller: The Space Between Memory and Expectation, Ocean | Desert” Visual artist Renate Aller is known for her large-scale photographs capturing the similarities between the ocean and desert. From January 25 – April 25, 2016, a selection of Aller’s vibrant, spectacular and calming works will be on display in the […]

art ltd. Magazine-“Renate Aller: Ocean|Desert” by Iris Mclister

art ltd. Magazine “Renate Aller: Ocean|Desert” at Chiaroscuro Contemporary Art by Iris Mclister November 2014 / print and online Renate Aller – #79 Great Sand Dunes – May 2013 
- Archival pigment print
 : 61″ x 91″  – Edition of 3 
 – Photo: courtesy Chiaroscuro Contemporary Art Although she lives and works in New […]

Ocean | Desert featured in the ‘New Republic’, October 6, 2014

Photographical Twins: Uncanny Images of Ocean and Desert Once in a while, we stumble upon a photo or series that leaves us in a state of wonder. German-born photographer Renate Aller’s new book Ocean | Desert (Radius Books) does just that. Though her subject matter is hardly novel, the vantage point through which she photographs […]

RENATE ALLER: OCEAN AND DESERT in Lenscratch by Aline Smithson Renate Aller has recently published a new monograph, Ocean and Desert, published byRadius Books. The work follows her Oceanscapes- One View -1999 to present and Dicotyledonseries that investigate “the relationship between Romanticism, memory and landscape in the context of our current socio-political awareness”. Her two previous projects were also published by Radius. On October 17th, Renate […]

Katherine Davies for “The Magazine”, October 7, 2014

Radio Interview with Mary-Charlotte Domandi

Radio Interview with Mary-Charlotte Domandi

ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST, August 2014 – Oceanscape Photographs by Renate Aller

  On Long Island, New York, Peter Pennoyer Architects crafted a retreat inspired by the early-1900s residence that previously graced the property; the decor is by Matthew Patrick Smyth, and the grounds were reimagined by landscape design firm Edwina von Gal + Co. A Renate Aller photograph and an antique Chinese sideboard greet visitors in […]

ICP Spotlight on Renate Aller

What first brought you to ICP and why did you decide to become a member? My first visit to the ICP must have been around 1994 on a trip to New York from London (on 5th avenue at 94th). I am fascinated by this institution as it not only trains photographers, but also questions and […]

Lannan Foundation- The Magazine -review-by Richard Tobin-exhibition-Again: Repetition, Obsession and Meditation

AGAIN: Repetition, Obsession and Meditation Lannan Foundation 313 Read Street, Santa Fe, NM Review for The Magazine by Richard Tobin June 2013 HERACLITUS GOT IT RIGHT, UNLESS WE GOT HIM WRONG Chuck Close, Self-Portrait, daguerreotype, 5½” x 4¼ ”, 1999 A few extant Greek fragments transmit his auricular notion of change (rendered in equally cryptic […]

Neiman Marcus Daily, Renate Aller limited edition box, published by Radius Books

NMdaily Neiman Marcus, March 2013 Category: Lifestyle » Books & Media // Lifestyle » Culture, Leisure & Travel // Lifestyle Shelf Life: Radius Books Renate Aller: oceanscapes – one view– ten years, limited edition box, published by Radius Books of Santa Fe   Santa Fe, New Mexico, might seem an unlikely spot for a boutique […]

Washington Post, Mark Jenkins on dicotyledon

Washington Post May 25, 2012 by Mark Jenkins Renate Aller The dicotyledon, which provides the title of Renate Aller’s photo exhibition at Adamson Gallery, is a kind of flowering plant whose blooms come in pairs. “Dicotyledon” is not a selection of flower pictures, but it does include several pairs: diptychs that contrast urban and rural, […]

Renate Aller at Adamson Gallery

WASHINGTON CITYPAPER ARTS DESK By Louis Jacobson March 2012 Reviewed: Renate Aller at Adamson Gallery (excerpt) Renate Aller’s previous show at Adamson Gallery—a decade’s worth of sea-and-sky photographs taken from the same point on southern Long Island—was rousing success, offering hyper-real portrayals within ever-changing atmospheric conditions….Aller’s new exhibit,…titled “dicotyledon,” after a flowering plant that grows […]

The New York Times

The New York Times Sunday, September 25, 2011 Invitation to an Exhibition: Let the Mentoring Begin By MARTHA SCHWENDENER Courtesy of Renate Aller SELECTIONS A print from Renate Aller’s “Oceanscapes” series, from “Artists Choose Artists” at the Parrish Art Museum. Juried exhibitions, in which the works have been selected from a pool of submissions, used to […]


HUFFINGTON POST September 1, 2011 Artists Choose Artists at the Parrish Art Museum By Liz Marcus Ross Bleckner chose Renate Aller – From the series Oceanscapes: One View, 1999–Present, 2007, Archival pigment print, edition 1 of 3, 44 x 64 inches, Courtesy of the artist On view at the Parrish Art Museum is its second […]

newsday – Parrish Art Museum

newsday Published: August 17, 2011 By Steve Parks Parrish Art Museum exhibition opening Photo credit: Renate Aller Photo/ | This Renate Aller seascape selected by Ross Bleckner will be part of the “Artists Choose Artists” exhibit at the Parrish Art Museum, Southampton, through Oct. 9, 2011. The Parrish Art Museum opens what’s likely to […]

George Eastman House

from: The Blog “ Oceanscapes – One View – Ten Years “ by Jasmin Seck Water and it’s elemental forces have always been, artistic indicators for self-experience and self-loss. Images of the ocean determine the iconographic nature of the history of art. The sea has remained to this day one of the archetypal natural landscapes […]

photo-eye magazine, by Douglas Stockdale

by Douglas Stockdale Renate Aller Oceanscapes PHOTOGRAPHS BY RENATE ALLER Radius Books, , 2010. Hardbound. 96 pp., 47 color illustrations, 10×13″. Years ago, Renate Aller began to photograph and investigate the ocean landscape near her adopted American home, perhaps wistfully looking out towards her native land across the Atlantic Ocean. In the ensuring ten years, […]

Stuttgarter Nachrichten Kulturmagazin by Olivia Mettang

Renate Aller: Oceanscapes. Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg. 84 Seiten, 42 Abbildungen, 36 Euro Von Olivia Mettang Long Island ist ein Sehnsuchtsreiseziel. Hier hat die Künstlerin Renate Aller Tag für Tag die Hintertür ihres Strandhauses geöffnet, um den Atlantischen Ozean zu fotografieren. – zehn Jahre lang, immer von derselben Perspektive aus. Was dabei herausgekommen ist, zeigt, dass […]

PDN Photo of the Day

By Amber Terranova Renate Aller has been photographing the Atlantic Ocean from a single point on the beach of eastern Long Island for over ten years. The result is a contemplative study of timelessness and the power of light. The scenes are pristine painterly images in luminous cool tones, empty of events and creatures, but […]

Oceanscapes in Fraction Magazine

Oceanscapes – One View – Ten Years by Renate Aller Essays by Richard B. Woodward and Dr. Petra Roettig An interview with the artist by Jasmin Seck Radius Books, 2010 Review by Lauren Greenwald Renate Aller’s first book, Oceanscapes – One View – Ten Years, tackles the endless horizontal space of the Atlantic Ocean. The […]

10 best photo exhibitions, from Washington City Paper

by Lou Jacobson, photography critic, for Washington City Paper Excerpt: 4. “One View—Ten Years” at Adamson Gallery Neither the idea of photographing the horizon line between sea and sky, nor the idea of returning periodically to the same location to capture how it looks under different atmospheric conditions, is especially original. Yet Renate Aller succeeded […]

GEO Magazin – Images of The Ocean

From GEO Magazin Germany The Photographs of Renate Aller Show the Atlantic as the Mirror of the Soul English Translation In vain one searches in Renate Aller’s Oceanscapes for boats, navigation marks or birds. She has consciously omitted “themes” in the traditional sense. Even the perspective is always the same. Over a period of ten […]

Photoeye – Limited Edition: Renate Aller’s Oceanscapes

Oceanscapes Limited Edition Posted by Melanie McWhorter in the PhotoEye Blog Last week, Renate Aller dropped off a copy of her limited edition of Oceanscapes (shown left and below). Aller is a mixed media artist who has created installation art in the past and this limited edition is no deviation from this genre of art. The limited […]

“One View – Ten Years” at the Adamson Gallery

Washington City Paper Arts & Entertainment : Picks By Louis Jacobson Returning to the same location to make multiple works of art is a time-honored tradition, going back at least to Monet. So too is the theme of chronicling the bare horizon line between sea and sky, an approach that runs directly from Gustave Le […]

Washington Post – Renate Aller at Adamson Gallery

Art Review: ‘Phil Nesmith: Flow’ at Irvine Contemporary & Renate Aller at Adamson Gallery By Jessica Dawson Last weekend, Thad Allen promised we’d seen the last of it. Relief well, check. Concrete wedged thousands of feet underwater, check. Five months and countless millions of gallons of spewed oil later, the Deepwater Horizon blowout looked to […]

Freezing time in images of changing sea

Freezing time in images of changing sea
By Will James
Southampton, New York
Renate Aller at an exhibition in Santa Fe, New Mexico, earlier this summer.
Photo by Chiaroscuro Contemporary Art
A decade ago, the photographer Renate Aller had just moved from London to an oceanfront home in Westhampton Beach.
One day, she was moved to photograph the Atlantic Ocean. She liked the subject and so she decided to make more photos of the same view, again and again over 10 years, until the practice evolved into the longest project of her career—an exploration of waves, sky, horizon and time that she recently compiled into a book, “Oceanscapes: One View. Ten Years.”
“I just sort of carried on,” she said. “But I did realize that it was the project that anchored me. It actually helped me to arrive in this country because of its nature.”