side walk

The New York Historical Society Museum invited this project into their permanent collection

a book publication by Kehrer Verlag, March 2021

and other events to follow – watch this space

side walk

6′ apart NYC, April – May 2020

This project is in the spirit of

Rainer Maria Rilke:

“… that each should stand guard over the solitude of the other”

We are all looking at art and life now, more than ever before – through the lens of our times — art in the time of Covid-19 and our current socio political awareness heightened by the recent events surrounding the murder of George Floyd and many others.

I created the project ” side walk”  with my camera during the lockdown period when NYC was the epicentre of the pandemic.

This time in history reminds me of the period right after 9/11. I took images of interiors as the drama was one of the exterior, the monumentality of this city was attacked and therefore I pointed the lens into the private spaces.
We were all afraid for our own safety then. Today we are feeling pain and are more afraid for others.

As a reaction to people’s lives in solitude ….. For most of April and May I hosted friends and neighbors on our sidewalk or visited them in their street – from a safe 6’ distance, with face masks, the camera in self timer mode recording these encounters.

These sidewalk visits give us a deep sense of community where community has been forced apart.

guardians of peoples’ hopes

navigating the space between

filling the space between

creating a sense of community where community has been forced apart

Einsamkeit – living with solitude

These days I feel like time flows in slow
motion –
it allows my thoughts to anchor and stay
with a thought or a visual for much longer
and this stillness allows a change.
It is a time for our earth to heal itself,
people to respect each other — (with
distance), –reaching out without touching
and holding each other in their thoughts
without touching

in solitude we try to create an autonomy from overwhelming emotions

the city’s silence is calming and numbing

we are listening to each other’s heart beats

we are in a transitional world and the images of reality appear to us as an abstraction

non-static listening

Poem by Max Blagg

muted voices behind masks

from moment to moment

locked into circumstances

don’t just be good
do good

respond to the other rather than to react

self-portraits with :

Agnes Barley
Aimee Good
Alex Markwith
Alison Wade
Baby Boy aka Dan Frieber
Becky Jones
Christian Beckett
Darius Himes
Dashielle Allen
Donna Strugatz
Elizabeth Fiore
Elizabeth Wollheim
Erica Baum
Graham Leader
Hugh Aller
Jacob El Hannani
James Hall
Jil Weinstock
Jill Brienza
Johan Wahlstrom
Jonas Hegewisch
Lara Pan
Maria Jost
Mary Fraser
Max Blagg
Michael Scott
Natasha Strugatz
Paola Singer
Peter Stampfel
Ruthie Byers
Sabine Rumpl
Samantha Wood
Timothy Allen

Born in Germany, Renate Aller lives and works in New York.

Works are in the collections of corporate institutions, private collectors and museums, including Lannan Foundation, Santa Fe, N.M., National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., Yale University Art Gallery, CT, George Eastman House, Rochester, NY, New Britain Museum of American Art, CT, Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg, Germany, Chazen Museum of Art, Madison, WI Musée des beaux-arts Le Locle, Switzerland, New York Historical Society Museum, New York and Parrish Art Museum, Water Mill, NY where she had a solo exhibition from March 24-
July 28th 2019.

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