July 9th – August 16th, 2016      Via P.E. Barsanti, 46 Pietrasanta (LU)   Italy

Exhibition Title :  ” From Liberty to Freedom”

works by:

Renate Aller

Robert Capa

Beth Moon

Joe Rosenthal

Sebastião Salgado

Alec Soth

Thomas Struth

Kamil Vojnar

and others

To celebrate its 5th anniversary, the gallery has organized a survey on contemporary photography that revolves around the theme of Freedom.
The title evokes the different translations the word Libertà has in English. Freedom a kind of libertà that we have as human beings, therefore equal, towards Liberty as a conquer of libertà, being it granted via a violent fight or granted from above (government, etc.).
The exhibition includes about 20 artists, with different experiences and languages: from the soldiers photographed by Rosenthal and Capa, soldiers who had to give up their individual liberty to achieve a collective freedom, to contemporary hermits captured by Soth in the series Broken Manual, who voluntarily escaped the superstructures the society imposes to live in the quietness of their mind embracing the philosophy of Schopenhauer who said “A man can be himself only so long as he is alone; and if he does not love solitude, he will not love freedom; for it is only when he is alone that he is really free.”
Far from these considerations, the works of Aller, Salgado and Struth research in the vagueness of open spaces a place where to “let go, find one’s own essence and feel part of a whole that is primal”.
The evanescent vision by Moon and the chimera-like compositions by Vojnar complete the exhibition, as well as Brassesco & Norberto’s works that shun an earthly reality, rising to an intangible inner dimension.

(translation from the Italian, kindly provided by Alessandra Capodacqua)

"Raptors" by Renate Aller, 2016 15x15x2 inches, archival UV prints on Aluminium, mounted onto walnut box
“Raptors” by Renate Aller, 2016
15x15x2 inches each, archival UV prints on Aluminium, each mounted to a wooden walnut box


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