Renate Aller on view at Chazen Museum of Art in 50th anniversary celebration

February 1 – May 10, 2020

left: Sarah FitzSimons, "Water Biography (Selected Volumes)", 2019; right: Renate Aller, "Oceanscapes - One View - Ten Years", 2008
installation view Chazen Museum of Art, February 2020
left: Sarah FitzSimons, “Water Biography (Selected Volumes)”, 2019; right: Renate Aller, “Oceanscapes – One View – Ten Years”, 2008
installation view Chazen Museum of Art, February 2020

In celebration of the Chazen’s 50th anniversary in 2020, and in acknowledgement that art-making increasingly crosses disciplines and departments, Faculty Exhibition 2020 welcomed proposals from all departments across the campus that utilize art-making in their teaching and research. In addition, rather than confining the show to a single gallery, the exhibition will showcase parts of the collection and buildings that are often overlooked. Projects will explore relationships between the artist’s own work and specific art works in the museum’s collection, or the artist’s own work and the museum’s public spaces and architecture.

The entire exhibit is marked by innovation, starting with “Books of Water (Selected Volumes),” a series of book-shaped vessels labeled and filled with water from various bodies, from the Pacific Ocean to Lake Michigan, by Sarah FitzSimons, an associate professor in art education. FitzSimons’ books are paired with Renate Aller’s photo “Oceanscapes — One View — Ten Years,” with the bookshelf aligned to match the photo’s horizon.

– Michael Muckian, from his review of the exhibition for Isthmus, February 13th, 2020

Faculty artists: Jennifer Angus • Emily Arthur • Spatula & Barcode • Derrick Buisch (photo Russell Panczenko) • Anna CampbellJill H. Casid (photo Erika Townsley) • Anthony Cerulli • Li Chiao-Ping (photo Brent Nicastro) • Marianne Fairbanks • Sarah FitzSimons • Aristotle Georgiades • Lisa Gralnick Stephen Hilyard  • John Hitchcock • Tomiko Jones (photo Maggie Soladay) •  Jean Laurenz • Helen Lee •  Myszka Lewis •  Tom Loeser Caroline Niziolek  •  Darcy Padilla •  Jason Ruhl  • Fred Stonehouse  •  Michael Velliquette • Tony Wise • Thomas Zickuhr

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