RENATE ALLER in conversation with Project Pressure Founder Klaus Thyman / Aspect Festival 2021

RENATE ALLER in conversation with Project Pressure Founder Klaus Thyman

PLATE 137 Rocky Mountains and Great Sand Dunes, 2011 © Renate Aller

The Interconnectivity of the Climate Crisis

ASPECT FESTIVAL 021 – UK — scroll down the page to watch talk on youtube

Expanding upon the works of Project Pressure’s artists, Klaus Thymann and I will discuss how to raise awareness and promote climate action by highlighting the interconnectivity between art, science and education. As the most recent artist to join Project Pressure, I will be presenting my site specific installation /work “The Space Between Memory and Expectation”

“The silent and continuous erosion trickling from the top of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, via glaciers, tropical forests, sand dunes, icefields of Patagonia, European glaciers into the ocean and the urban waterways of New York’s harbor.

Tracing an unbroken line, the eye is guided from one sweeping landscape to the next without doubting their separateness in location and origin.  intentionally pairing images for each installation, forming an immersive panorama showing the interconnectedness of distant environments, opening up conversations between the different (political) landscapes in which we live.”

Renate Aller

Aspect Festival 2021 is organized by Aspect, an umbrella organisation based in the UK comprising 21 higher education institutions such as Oxford and LSE university.

Excerpt from Trevor Bishai’s review of “The Space Between Memory and Expectation” for Musee Magazine, June 021:

 “Melting from glacier to ocean, and evaporating to meet the mountaintops as snow, the water cycle connects such distant environments. But even if we knew nothing about the water cycle, Aller’s images blend into a unique whole, one filled with motion and change.”

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This interview originally aired June 18, 2021

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