Plate 126 | Grey Glacier, Patagonia, Chile, Torres Del Paine, ink on wood veneer 30×40 inches (one of eight images) Renate Aller

MELTDOWN – Visualizing Climate Change

opening February 17th 2023 at Kühlhaus Berlin

After recently being on show at The Nelson Provincial Museum in New Zealand, MELTDOWN continues its journey – this time to Berlin.

MELTDOWN has travelled the world during the last few years, educating gallery and museum visitors on the always-current topic of human-induced climate change. This time the show will become even more interactive, as Kühlhaus Berlin together with Project Pressure will be hosting debate evenings, artists dinners and artists talks. All to be taking place between the 17th of February and the 5th of March 2023.

Featured artists :

Renate Aller (DE), Corey Arnold (US), Michael Benson (US), Broomberg & Chanarin (RSA/UK), Edward Burtynsky (CA), Scott Conarroe (CA), Peter Funch (DK), Noémie Goudal (FR), Adam Hinton (UK), Richard Mosse (IRE), Simon Norfolk (NG), Christopher Parsons (UK), Erik Schytt Holmlund (SE), Toby Smith (UK) and Klaus Thymann (DK).

MELTDOWN: Visualizing Climate Change

Where: Kühlhaus Berlin,  Luckenwalder Strasse, 10963 Berlin 

Exhibition Dates: February 17th –  March 5th 2023. Weekdays 10.00 – 17.00

About Kühlhaus Berlin

Kühlhaus Berlin is not only a German cultural landmark. Established as an event space and art gallery, and changing and evolving constantly since the nineties, they have become a listed building. With a space of more than five thousand square meters, they are famous for hosting world-class exhibitions.

About Project Pressure

Project Pressure is a charity with a mission to visualise the climate crisis using art as a positive touch-point to inspire action and change to achieve real solutions. Since 2008, it has been commissioning world-renowned artists to conduct expeditions around the world, working alongside scientists to ensure accuracy.

MELTDOWN has previously been shown at:

The Natural History Museum, Vienna from the 5th of June 2019 – September 1st 2019.
The Horniman Museum and Gardens, London from November 23rd 2019.
The Jakopic Gallery, Ljubljana from the 18th of January 2022 until the 1st of May 2022.
Whirinaki Whare Taonga, New Zeeland, 26th of Feb until May 8th 2022.
The Nelson Provincial Museum, New Zealand, June 3rd to October 2nd 2022.

“The silent and continuous erosion trickling from the top of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, via glaciers, tropical forests, sand dunes, icefields of Patagonia, European glaciers into the ocean and the urban waterways of New York’s harbor.

Tracing an unbroken line, the eye is guided from one sweeping landscape to the next without doubting their separateness in location and origin. Renate Aller intentionally pairs images for each installation, forming an immersive panorama showing the interconnectedness of distant environments, opening up conversations between the different (political) landscapes in which we live.” Renate Aller

Plate 137 | Rocky Mountains, CO USA, ink on wood veneer 30×40 inches (one of eight images) Renate Aller
Plate 104 | Glacier, German Alps, ink on wood veneer 30×40 inches (one of eight images) Renate Aller
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