Mayim Rabim

Photographic c-prints series on Kodak Endura Metallic accompanying video.

BOB (Best of Borough) PS122 Award 2008.

A multi-media performance collaboration between video artist Renate Aller, composer Ayelet Rose Gottlieb and director Franny Silverman.

Based on the ancient erotic poem ‘Song of Songs’, Gottlieb developed a ten-piece nonlinear song cycle. The one-hour long video intertwines with the staged live music performance. The ten sequences of the video get edited live in reaction to the music and movements that are performed on the stage. All three artists aim to create a multi-sensory experience that the viewer can experience as one ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ and still leave space to develop and change during each performance without losing the interconnection between the different art forms.

The multi-media collaboration made as part of the Mayim Rabim / Great Waters performance project thanks to a fellowship granted by BRIC, Brooklyn, NY in 2007. The project is based on Ayelet Rose Gottlieb’s song cycle Mayim Rabim (Tzadik, 2006), from the erotic biblical poem ‘Song Of Songs’. Stage direction by Franny Silvermann. PS122 performance May 8,9,10