PAUSA – at Patricia Conde Galería, Mexico City

Renate Aller, Guardians of People’s Hopes, archival pigment print, April 14, 2020


Exhibition Patricia Conde Galería

opening September 24, 2020

Renate Aller artist talk with Patricia Conde Gallery October 2020


New York City is built on granite and we are tough like this rock, reaching toward the blue sky, not giving up, filling the space between with our glowing passion.

We are in a transitional world and the images of reality appear to us as an abstraction, locked into circumstances, holding our breath and facilitating change.


Unprecedented times. Confinement. Uncertainty. Reflection.
We have heard these words since March. Everything stopped. The
familiar, the known, the usual, the everyday life, was affected by an
intangible, something microscopic and dragged us to a new life
unimagined, thus, just like that, where the day to day is built, where we
are not allowed plans ahead of time, meetings, birthdays, hugs,
exequies. However, and despite this, everything followed in a
surreptitious, inner and even involuntary way. Every day, reinventing,
rethinking, readapting. These are the new words which replaced the
common, and turned yesterday into a distant, nostalgic, longed-for
past. Everything, absolutely everything is different, however,
everything goes on. The world is closed, but we cannot shut ourselves
because blood runs as usual, thoughts come and go, the need to
speak and beheard, in short, the inner life.

The project consists of taking a photograph, the result of long
considerations, in which the emotion, the longing, the sadness or even
the release from the daily pressures that were already unsustainable,
would be printed. Some, those who were barred to go to the street for
their images, reviewed and put their archives in order, discovering
jewels that had not come to light, wonderful photographs that could not
be printed at the time, for whatever reason which now make all the

The artists are: Renate Aller, Cynthia Araf, Sofía Ayarzagoitia, Cannon Bernáldez, Alejandro Cartagena, Paola Dávila, Belinda Garen, Alexandra Germán, Olín Heitman, Javier Hinojosa, Cristina Kahlo, Patricia Lagarde, Moisés Levy, José Antonio Martínez, Francisco Mata Rosas, George Nobechi, César Ordóñez, Dulce Pinzón, Ilán Rabchinskey, Humberto Ríos, Patricio Robles Gil, Oswaldo Ruiz y Adam Wiseman,

Born in Germany, Renate Aller lives and works in New York. “The Space Between Memory and Expectation ” is her fifth monograph to be published 2021, following Mountain Interval, (2018), Ocean | Desert (2014), dicotyledon (2012), and the long-term project Oceanscapes – One View – Ten Years (2010). Together, the four series represent the artist’s investigation into the relationship between Romanticism, memory, and landscape in the context of our current socio political awareness. Aller’s artworks are in corporate and private collections, as well as museums, including Lannan Foundation, National Gallery of Art, Yale University Art Gallery, George Eastman Museum, New Britain Museum of American Art, Hamburger  Kunsthalle, Chazen Museum of Art, New York Historical Society Museum, NY, and Parrish Art Museum. 

Patricia Conde Galería
Gral. Juan Cano 68
San Miguel Chapultepec I Secc
Mexico City, 11850

+52 (55) 5290-6345 & 5290-6346

Opening hours:
monday to thursday 10:30 am – 6:00 pm
fridays and saturdays: 11:00 am – 4:00 pm

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